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From: jckzjgtb (Wed 26 Aug 2009 07:02:39 PDT)
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From: Coralie (Wed 11 May 2011 01:57:08 PDT)
That's way the bestest aesnwr so far!
From: Judeth (Wed 19 Dec 2012 19:46:04 PST)
Either way, you should see the movie. I tgohhut it was going to be this Hollywood crap, but I was surprised how accurate it was based on the book. Of course the movie is not the whole story, but when do you ever get the full story from the movie? It's always about the book.
From: Saimon (Wed 07 Oct 2015 10:00:18 PDT)
Boom shlkaaaka boom boom, problem solved.

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