Highlight for Album: SVT LTD
Album: SVT LTD

My fun ride! 85 Ford LTD LX that's not stock.
Changed: 04/18/22
Contains: 67 items.
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Highlight for Album: SVT Focus
Album: SVT Focus

02 Ford Focus SVT. Current daily driver.
Changed: 05/16/17
Contains: 35 items.
Viewed: 4485 times.

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Album: Crown Vic

97 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor. It's Dad's ride now.
Changed: 05/16/17
Contains: 23 items.
Viewed: 5783 times.

Highlight for Album: Protege5
Album: Protege5

02.5 Mazda Protege 5, my former daily driver.
Changed: 09/11/20
Contains: 36 items.
Viewed: 5283 times.

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Album: LTD #1

My first 85 LTD LX. Sold to a local guy who still has it.
Changed: 10/27/15
Contains: 17 items.
Viewed: 3076 times.

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Album: 84 LTD LX

84 LTD LX I bought in Sacramento and drove down here. Owned it 5 days and sold it to a friend.
Changed: 01/27/16
Contains: 11 items.
Viewed: 3578 times.

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Album: First Omni

First Omni GLH I bought as a project. Never finished.
Changed: 12/14/15
Contains: 16 items.
Viewed: 3172 times.

Highlight for Album: Omni GLH
Album: Omni GLH

85 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo with Shelby guts. Blew the engine and sold it to a Shelby collector in L.A.
Changed: 08/02/22
Contains: 45 items.
Viewed: 11100 times.

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Album: Mazda 6

Ex-wife owns it but my name is on the title.
Changed: 09/26/15
Contains: 6 items.
Viewed: 2545 times.

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Album: Integra

Ex-wife's former 95 Acura Integra LS.
Changed: 08/01/11
Contains: 4 items.
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